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At the beginning of the conceptual artistic work, thematic photographs are processed on the computer. These come from released archives or are digitally or analogue produced by me. Print templates are created from the digital graphics, which are transferred to the carrier with the help of a manual printing process. The imprint of the graphic appears more painterly than the template, which is reinforced by the transparency of the glass. A wide variety of types of glass and materials are used as carriers. Old window panes, found glass, window panes, mosaic stones, silk, tissue paper, tracing paper, etc .. The transparency of the material is important in order to guarantee that it shows through. The image acquires a deliberate blurring and depth.

By superimposing several layers of glass, a three-dimensionality is created, such as is used in a pop-up book, for example. The overlapping of times and historical events, the undeniable connections of the past, present and future are closely related to the content of the choice of material. With the help of the new media, the shadows that emerge as symbols for the past becoming alive can open up a wide variety of aspects and art forms. The glass print images are often reminiscent of old photo plates, which were used in the early days of film art. From the glass prints and their cast shadows or photographs, in turn, video sequences are created. This closes the bond between the generations.

It is important to me to mix materials and techniques, to experiment, to research and to create new media and forms of expression, to deepen and continue my way of working. To put these in the historical and social context. To investigate uncomfortable questions with the help of artistic means and to present them to the real or virtual public for discourse. Art as a means of integration, demonstration, sympathy, reflection, as a bearer of hope and as an aid to

non-verbal communication and understanding, but also as a danger of image manipulation. The context decides on expression and interpretation. Music, sound recordings, photographs, film sequences, performance and shadow photographs become media installations.

Artistic companions who accompany social and political events.


Arts education is an interaction in the discovery of one's own abilities with the direct one
cultural environment and its exchange in a global context. To explore new things at all levels of the artistic and creative fields of activity serves to strengthen personality development in order to reduce prejudices and fears for a social and open society. Movement plays an important role in artistic creative processes. The interaction between body, mind and feeling enables your own creative expression. In artistic creation, a direct experience of these processes is made possible and space is given to our urge to move.




born in Bielefeld


1988 apprenticeship as chemical-technical assistant, focus on environmental technology


1989 move to the border region of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands


Since 1996 exhibitions and projects at home and abroad


1999 Diploma in Fine Arts and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, NL


2000 working stay in Spain and Portugal


2001 First second home in Wilsen near Stäbelow, MV


2001 - 2009 commuter between Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Belgium


2006 founding member of the Kunstverein Grebbin eV, MV

Co-founder of the producer gallery "Article 5" in Aachen, Germany


2009 European teaching qualification for Art & Design at the Autonomous University of Eupen, Belgium


2009 move to Augzin, MV


2009 - 2018 member and studio at Rothener Hof eV, MV


2009 - 2013 high school teacher at the ecolea | International School Schwerin, Warnemünde, MV


2010 - 20211 mobile phone film competition for students at the Schwerin Film Festival

2010 1st and 2011 1st & 2nd prize with the 8th class of the ecolea Schwerin


Since 2013

freelancer at the State Museum Schwerin, museum education & art education


Member of the Künstlerbund Mecklenburg und Vorpommern e. V. in the BBK


Travel grant Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow for fine arts, France


2014 - 2016

project management PR artist for students of the artist association MV eV in the BBK | Nov 13 - Jan 16

Closing event Kunsthalle Rostock & Pommersche Landesmuseum Greifswald


Since 2014 member of the “New Members” admission committee in the Künstlerbund MV eV in the BBK


2015–2016 board member of BDK eV, state association MV for art education


Since 2015

project management talent camp, young talent early promotion of the state of MV

sponsored by the Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow


Member of the district culture council of the Ludwigslust-Parchim district


2015 advancement award Marktplatz Kultur und Schule MV, Kulturstiftung der Länder


2016 - 2019

2nd chairwoman of the federal executive board BDK eV Association for Art Education


Since 2016 art pedagogue at the upper level of grades 11 and 12, Niels-Steensen-Schule Schwerin


Initiator & founding KUNSTRADIUS 40km with the kick-off project Art Tour



Académie Reims & Ministère de L´éducation national & Région Académique Grand Est, France


Fine arts travel grant, camac - Center d'Art, Marnay-sur-Seine, France


The KUNSTRADIUS 40 km project was sponsored by the German District Association

submitted for the BKM Prize for Cultural Education 2018



Art Route Aachen - “ of it” in the Scupturenhügel Lancé, D-NL-B

Curation ART is TODAY & WHAT is TOMORROW? Kulturhaus Mestlin, D

as part of the KUNSTRADIUS 40km


Proposed for the Ludwig Reinhard Culture Prize 2018 Art and Culture Prize of the

Ludwiglust-Parchim district



residency grant from Schloss Bröllin eV with the artist group

CDK - the three monkeys, D-USA-MX

Dance - video installation - literature


Working grant as part of the cultural funding of the state of MV


2020 START 3-year further training in interdisciplinary dance education / dance pedagogy



Daniela MELZIG
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